Our Services

Defining Power in the Workplace:

At Workplace Relationships, we feel that power in the business world is foundationally linked to relationships. All of our programs stem from a three-dimensional definition of power that covers the relationships our clients have with themselves, with key colleagues and with the organizations they lead and serve.

Personal Power

The strength to distinguish your true values and intentions from the objectives endorsed by others.

Interpersonal Power

The agility to influence outcomes and deal with conflict in a way that fortifies your personal integrity rather than diminishing it.

Organizational Power

The clarity to identify and actively support professional cultures that reinforce your core values.

Scope of Services:

Senior Executive Development

  • Four Stage Process for Enhancing Leadership Skills
    • Awareness
    • Emotional Ownership
    • Interaction
    • Integration
  • Length of Program
    • 6-9 Months
  • Benefits
    • More Effective Leader
    • Self-Actualized Performer

(Proposals available upon request)

Team Building

  • Three Phase process combining individual development and group dynamics
    • Understanding your Power Style
    • Integrating your style with others
    • Maximizing the synergy
  • Length of Program
    • 3-6 months (flexible)
  • Benefits
    • Fosters trust and loyalty among participants
    • Enhances employee retention

(Proposals available upon request)

Cultural Awareness and Enhancement

  • Workshop on Cultural Agility
    • Using the strengths and blind spots associated with different power styles to identify and exemplify behavior that supports the organization’s cultural goals
    • Balancing Leadership and Followership
    • Professionalism under pressure – Dealing with difficult situations and challenging personalities
  • Length of Program
    • Feedback collection (50-60 participants): 4-6 weeks
    • 1-2 day workshop
  • Benefits
    • Participants will develop a common “language” that fosters cultural awareness and enhancement
    • Participants will learn how to collaborate with colleagues in such a way that the collective power of the organization is maximized