Pursuing Your Dreams

Lybi Ma

November 2004

Everyone wants to get satisfaction out of his or her job. After all, we spend so much time at work. But it’s a little hard to achieve if you’re pursuing someone else’s dream and not yours. There’s nothing like having to drag yourself into work day in and day out if it is giving you little meaning.

To be successful, you have to be honest with yourself about what you truly want. Many people lose touch with what they want. Still others have never considered their own genuine desires.

Now is a good time to stop and ask what will give your work life meaning.

Maggie Craddock, executive coach and author of The Authentic Career, sees her share of clients who don’t have a clue. For some, what they really want has never even occurred to them.

“To achieve your career goals, you must be clear about what they are and why they are meaningful for you,” she says. Therefore you need to create a work life that is in tune with your talents and desires.

Here, Craddock offers a few tips to help you find your way: