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BBC News

December 14, 2005

Maggie Craddock:

I think as we all know it’s been a tremendously compelling year in investment banking and in commodities and in derivatives. In other areas of the market bonuses, it may be more modest.

BBC Host:

Maggie Craddock used to run a high performing portfolio. She is now an executive coach, advising high earning dealers and bankers, whose bonuses this week will range from $150, 000 to many millions of dollars.

Maggie Craddock:

I think one of the most common things, whether you are one of the top, top performers who’s making an astronomical bonus, or one of the many people on Wall Street who’s making a good living but we wouldn’t consider them ready to retire tomorrow, an awful lot of people are investing in wine collections and things like that. That’s actually the most predominant thing I see people do with bonus money.